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Meet a Cartoonist IRL — Saturday, June 8

The 2024 Trekkies Tour Continues!

As a long time fan and patron of San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, I’m especially pleased (and proud) to announce my upcoming appearance as a “Cartoonist In Real Life” at the storied institution.

San Francisco has a special place in comics history, from the early days of Hearst Newspaper strips, through early animation by Jay Ward, the birth of underground comix (including Spain Rodriguez, R. Crumb and Gilbert Shelton among many others) and a thriving indie comics scene that encompasses artists and distributors as varied as Bud Plant, Lee Marrs, Adrian Tomine, Silver Sprocket... and too many others to mention. And then there's yours truly.

I’ll essentially be tabling in the front lobby, just as I would at a convention, selling and signing When We Were Trekkies, sketching on demand, and just talking with folks about the ups and downs of being a full-time cartoonist. There are also a couple of workshops being held at the museum that day, for kids and adults—you can find out more at the CAM calendar.

I hope to see you there!


The Cartoon Art Museum is located at 781 Beach Street, San Francisco, on historic Fisherman’s Wharf, steps away from Ghiradelli Square, Hyde Street Pier, and the Cable Car turnaround.


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