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Joe Sikoryak is a cartoonist, designer and filmmaker living in San Francisco. A journalism major and graduate of the SFSU film program, Joe has produced and/or directed seven award-winning shorts, and contributed to numerous others which have been shown in festivals worldwide. His work also includes animation, television and feature films. 


Joe began his career in graphic design as art director for computer magazines in Silicon Valley. He went on to design and edit Comic Book Marketplace and Film Score Monthly, which lead directly to a twenty-year stint in the music industry, designing 800 soundtrack CD releases for boutique labels including Intrada, Percepto and La-La Land. 

Along the way Joe has drawn comics and written scripts, leading to his most recent work in graphic novels. Joe is committed to telling stories that are visually rich and emotionally compelling with a positive message. Or to paraphrase film director François Truffaut: a good story is
“a perfect blend of truth and spectacle”—with uplift.

You can support me directly on my Patreon page here.



“20 Years in the
Soundtrack Biz”

with Yavar Moradi &
W. David Lichty

The Goldsmith Odyssey

Odyssey Interviews - Joe Sikoryak_01Yavar Moradi, W. David Lichty
00:00 / 2:22:24
“Unleashing Creativity”
with Lee Jones
Hindsight The Podcast

Unleashing CreativityLee Jones
00:00 / 55:22
“Con-ventional Thinking”
with Mark A. Altman
and Daren Dochterman
Inglorious Treksperts

“Con-ventional Thinking”Mark A. Altman, Daren Dochterman
00:00 / 46:27
“Settling Scores”
Patron of the Arts 
with Robert Emmett

The Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show 01/21/19

"Settling Scores"Robert Emmett
00:00 / 51:31
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