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When We Were Trekkies is a graphic novel based on true stories of teenage cosplayers at the dawn of modern fandom.

Joe Sikoryak and his high school pals 
attended a dozen Star Trek, Comics and Sci-Fi conventions in New York City between 1974 and 1977. (And we have the photos and ephemera to prove it—see a small sampling below).

The ten-part series tells a coming-of-age story not only of the teenagers involved but the conventions as well. Once upon a time, cons were not vast corporate-sponsored machines but amateur, ragtag gatherings instigated by fans, for fans. Some might say these events were purer expressions of love by everyone involved, even if they were commercially unsustainable.

This is a memoir, as well as a history lesson. Joe has dug deep into his emotions as well as his memories to tell a story that is nostalgic, humorous and touching. While some of the names may have been changed, the costumes, celebrities, misadventures and unbridled passion are all 100% authentic. Each issue stands alone, but together they tell a story of a human adventure that was just beginning.

16-20 pg. in black and white, plus color covers. $4 per issue 
Get exclusive content, weekly stories, original artwork and previews of issues in progress at Joe’s Patreon page: Joe Sik Comix
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