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In Case You Missed It

A Short Conversation with the Guys at Collectors Confessions

You never know who you might meet in a comics shop. Admittedly, it's a self-selecting group, but I'm happy to report the two fellows who picked up a copy of When We Were Trekkies at JHU Comics on Staten Island were amiable, enthusiastic—and they have their own YouTube Channel.

Collectors Confessions is the brainchild of Chad Farley and Brian Van Nostrand, two lifelong collectors of comic books and collectibles who want to bring the history and experience of their passions to other fans. They recently invited me to join them for the fun and talk about my history as recorded in Trekkies.

Even though we’re about a decade apart in age, there was plenty of common ground in our shared experience as fans. And I can't dispute their mantra: Collect what you love - Love what you collect! Although, my advice is to stick to what you loved most at the age of 10—that’s where the most potent memories lie, give or take a year.

You can watch my conversation with Chad and Brian on YouTube here.


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