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Looking Forward to Hindsight

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

How do you make sense of your life when other people are listening?

One of the fun/exciting/deeply challenging parts of being a self-published author is having to tackle self-promotion, as well. In other words, not only am I busy writing and drawing my graphic memoir, I am also perpetually engaged in creating a story about myself for public consumption.

I decided that I need to find new ways to promote myself and my work—so I signed up with a service called This site connects podcast producers with potential guests. Sounds great, but just like dating apps, there's no guarantee of a good match. There has to be some chemistry between the two parties. That's why I was so very glad to have been contacted by Lee Anthony Jones, host of Hindsight the Podcast.

As soon as I listened to one of his episodes, I knew that I had found a fellow traveler. He’s got the smooth patter and sonorous voice, for sure, but there was something more. He was grounded and curious in a way that encouraged me to open up and answer his questions—and he made me want to listen to what he had to say. So I agreed to be a guest.

I’ve always been a fan of radio, from the days when I listened to the great raconteur Jean Shepherd on WOR as a kid. I’d listen to him spin stories of his youth in Indiana and paint the pictures in my head. There’s something about how radio works that penetrates the scrum of everyday life and fuses my attention with that disembodied voice.

Now I listen to podcasts. Since I spend a lot of hours alone with pad and pencil, the sound of another human voice can be very comforting. And I deeply absorb what’s being said.

Today my favorite podcasts are either tightly scripted, heavily researched solo shows (like Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This) or in-depth conversations (like Terry Gross and Tanya Mosley on Fresh Air.) Hindsight is in the latter category, and once Lee Anthony and I had a preliminary conversation, I knew that it could work.

I won’t say much about the content because I hope that you will check it out. Suffice to say we talked about how my life in general, and Star Trek in particular, shaped my worldview and approach to art. It felt very natural and enjoyable. But I will say, as much as my host put me at ease when we were recording, I had a minor panic attack after we’d signed off.

Laying in bed that night, waiting for sleep to come, I wondered: “What did I say? Did it make sense? Would anyone on earth care to hear my opinions?” How do you sum up your life to date, and make it understandable to someone else? As a memoir writer, that’s my job. If I do it well, the result is relatable to others.

Well, if you’re inclined to listen to the podcast, you can let me know how I did. (And if you do tune in, please be good enough to leave a review on the site. That will help others find the show.) You can find Hindsight the Podcast at Apple, Google, Podbean, YouTube and many other places. Thanks for listening!

* * *

As I said, I’m interested in reaching a larger audience, so if you know anyone who might enjoy my stories, please pass the word along!

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Hindsight the Podcast
Hindsight the Podcast
Jul 14, 2023

Thank you Joe for agreeing to be a guest on Hindsight. I agree, the chemistry was there and I am looking forward to our next conversation. Stay focused my friend. -Lee

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