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Your "Great" Film Idea is Worthless

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hold on, I’m not being mean. But when you talk to filmmakers every day, you hear a LOT of ideas. In fact, most people that you know probably have “a great idea for a film.” And while that may be true, an idea simply isn’t worth anything unless you have a plan for execution. That’s where ideas become intellectual property.

What’s your unique approach and how will you realize it? You’ve got to have something on paper that you can share with others and demonstrate the viability of your idea. This is on my mind as we take our latest film thru the film festival circuit. The most asked question (other than the annoying “what was your budget?”) seems to be “what are you doing next?”

This is an important question that requires a good answer. Because if you say “I have a great idea” the conversation is over except for the pleasantries. But if you say “I have a treatment” or “I’m developing a script” to the right person, then perhaps that’s just the beginning. So write it down, create a pitch deck, assemble those mood boards. Because only you can make your idea a reality.

"D for DOCs" writer-director Joe Sikoryak onstage at the Sacramento Film Festival.


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