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Making the Most of Quarantine

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

After a relatively busy year in 2019, it was doubly frustrating (professionally speaking) to face 2020 in lockdown and video chats instead of production and meetups. So once all my previous commitments were completed, it was time to look inward for the next project.

Fortunately, I didn't need to dig too deeply— there was a 50-page draft of a feature film in my drawer that deserved a second look. What better assignment than to revisit the script and get it in shape for that happy day when we could all go back to work?

I hadn't reckoned with the new reality. Writing has always been a solitary activity, but it sure helps to get out and mingle with fellow humans between long stints at the keyboard. Staying at home has made writing seem even harder. But still...

Thanks to encouragement from my pal David Woodard, I crafted a new, 16-page treatment for Heritance between October and December, and landed a new 75-page first draft in January. It needs a lot of work, to be sure, but it sure feels good to enter 2021 with a new project on the horizon. Happy new year!


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