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We Needed Another Laurel on the Head

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Assistant director Alisha McCutcheon, producer Joe Sikoryak, writer-director Colin Bishopp with Jason Weiner.

On Saturday Dec. 8, “Snaggletooth” had a nice little homecoming in San Francisco, screening as part of the 1:00pm shorts block at AHITH. Our host, self-designated local film freak Jason Weiner (right), conducted the Q&A with writer-director Colin Bishopp, producer Joe Sikoryak and assistant director Alisha McCutcheon. (Fun fact: Alisha was on stage as director of He Knows—which also screened in our shorts block.)

“Snaggletooth” was awarded "Best Local Short Film” at the fest—a tribute made quite literal since our production was shot just a few blocks away (in Alamo Square)! Next stop: several festivals in Europe.


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