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The Story So Far

Updated: Jan 19

Making progress on When We Were Trekkies 8-9-10

It's hard to believe that it’s been four months since I last published an issue of Trekkies, but there it is. Issues 6 and 7 were pushed together in order to be ready for Star Trek Las Vegas, after which I needed a breather. Then I spent another two months helping out on The Jerry Goldsmith Companion, a massive two-volume tome about my favorite composer.

After all that, I could hardly wait to get back to work on my own series. So imagine my frustration when I completed issue 8 and sent it off to my otherwise trusty pressman, PSPrint, only to experience an unprecedented two-week delay in manufacturing and shipping. Oh, murder!

As you can see, the books have arrived, along with my new mini-comic “1968: A Boy’s Odyssey.” I’m offering both copies FREE to anyone who subscribes to my Patreon page before January 15, 2024

I'm pleased to report that issue 9 is well underway, and I expect to have it available in January. That sets the stage for completing issue 10 — and the series—in time for the San Francisco Star Trek convention in March. Warp factor 8, Mr. Sulu!

I'm already looking ahead to a busy 2024, promoting the series at comic cons and elsewhere—as well as shopping for a book publisher. The ten issues of Trekkies is not enough to contain the whole story, and I plan to expand and rework the mini-comics into a 250-page graphic novel. I hope that you'll join me for the ride!


Issue eight of Trekkies will be shipping from Birdcage Bottom Books next week, and you can order the entire bundle there as well. If you'd like to follow my progress more closely, maybe you'd care to join my Patreon page here—I'm sending a free comic book to everyone who signs up before January 31, 2024.

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